For oil and gas pipe monitoring, Kistler offers application-specific testing equipment, e.g. for leak detection.

Solutions for oil and gas pipe monitoring

Energy generated from oil and gas still accounts for the lion's share of global power production. Despite reserves of fossil fuels being finite and their use harmful for the environment the extraction and processing of oil and gas is still a vital part of global power supply: it includes ground- and water-based drilling platforms and rigs, transportation networks for the raw materials and refining/processing facilities distributed across the globe. As a matter of fact, oil and gas pipe monitoring is indispensable also in the 21st century.

Application-specific testing equipment

Rigs operate with mechanical equipment such as piping and torque converters, electrical machinery, hydraulic power, pneumatic and gas injection technologies – and in all these areas, Kistler oil and gas pipe monitoring solutions play an important role. Key applications include leak detection on pipes and valves, hypercompressor valve monitoring (with acoustic emission sensing technology), and testing of flameproof housings with piezoelectric pressure sensors. And to meet the ATEX requirements for controlling explosive atmospheres, Kistler supplies intrinsically safe measuring chains with pressure sensors to determine the explosion indices of dust, gas and hybrid mixtures: helping to preserve the life and health of the people who keep the world supplied with oil and gas power.

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