New software generation from Kistler makes it simple to operate torque tool testing systems

Winterthur, October 2022 — The new-generation CEUS 10 software from Kistler leverages the intuitive operability of the cerTEST tool testing system. With the help of this web-based program, users can store measurement settings for individual torque tools and benefit from step-by-step guidance through the measurements. They can then access test records and tool histories via a local server.

Bolted joints perform a highly critical safety role in many different application areas. This is why growing numbers of manufacturers require their suppliers to provide documentation of the fastening processes. To make sure that a fastener sits properly, correct adjustment and reliable functioning of the tool are the key factors. Torque tool testing systems (as they are known) guarantee that these requirements are met. But what is the most efficient way to organize inspection of the many different tools in a company? And what is the simplest method of transferring the data to a database where it can be retrieved in case of recourse claims?

The Kistler software CEUS 10 for process assurance in fastener technology focuses on usability.
The new, web-based software CEUS 10 focuses on intuitive operability and easily understandable test records.

The easy way to start out in professional tool testing

Measurement technology expert Kistler now offers a solution that makes it easier for users to test fastening tools and get off to a quick start with this process: the web-based CEUS 10 software that complements Kistler's proprietary cerTEST system. This is the latest development of the "Central Evaluation Unit for All Systems", with even greater emphasis on intuitive operability and easy-to-understand test records. CEUS 10 also allows cerTEST users to store different measurement settings and access them with just a few clicks whenever needed – so measurement parameters for individual tools only ever need to be set once. The program then guides users step-by-step through the measurements. CEUS 10 also generates a specific measurement history for each tool, and stores test records automatically on a local server.

"To meet increasing safety requirements, more and more tool developers and suppliers in the automotive industry and many other sectors are opting for inspection systems such as cerTEST," according to Dr. Gerald Zeinert, Head of Development for CEUS 10 at Kistler. He goes on to explain the benefits of the new generation: "The new software generation offers decisive advantages for system users as well as quality managers: both the measurements themselves and the resultant records are so easy to understand that operators don't need to have any special experience." The program guides users through the measurements in various languages, and they are also free to choose the language for the records. This ensures traceability of tools and parts, even across international borders – with no language barriers.

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