Glass force plates from Kistler deliver insights for scientists and researchers in kinesiology and biomechanics.

Motion analysis and research with Kistler force plates

Discover new insights

New findings in sport and kinesiology usually stem from science and research. Analysis of specific motions requires precise knowledge of force curves over time. Piezoelectric force plates from Kistler measure forces and moments precisely and reliably – delivering the basis for comprehensive motion analysis.

Advantages of Kistler force plates for kinesiology and performance diagnostics

  • High natural frequency, high damping capacity
  • Long-term stability across an extremely wide measuring range
  • Precise measurements – even for very fast movements
  • Ideal for use with video and motion analysis
  • Specific detection of ground reaction force and hand forces 
  • Specific applications for different sports


  • Evidence-based insights improve understanding of the musculoskeletal system and body movements 
  • Differences that are not visible on video are highlighted
  • Sound basis for ongoing development of training methods
  • Analysis of performance and training efficiency

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