Die Prozessüberwachung beim Spritzgießen von medizintechnischen Produkten ist unverzichtbar für hohe Qualität.

Medical device injection molding

Precision and compliance with real-time monitoring

Cavity pressure sensors for effective monitoring of medical device injection molding processes

Cavity pressure provides a direct criterion to determine the quality of the medical device component that is produced during injection molding. In addition to machine data, cavity pressure measurement plays a key part in transparent process monitoring. It allows to detect scrap as early as possible. To achieve this objective, Kistler offers:

  • An extensive portfolio of high-precision cavity pressure sensors to equip a varied range of molds
  • Our ComoNeo process monitoring system to monitor up to 32 pressure signals and 16 temperature signals in real time

Medical device injection molding monitoring to reduce scrap

The modular ComoNeo process monitoring system records all conditions in the mold during the medical device injection molding. process. Special functions enable the analysis, optimization, monitoring and documentation of the injection molding process and are suitable and reliable tools for the various phases of qualification and validation up to production. The integrated user management and automatic recording of user activities offer the greatest possible process security and transparency.

Application-specific features of the ComoNeo process monitoring system

  • ComoNeoPREDICT: Online prediction functionality based on DoEs
  • ComoNeoMERGE: Process monitoring functionality for multi-component injection molding
  • ComoNeoLDAP: Automatic management of policies and users (User Management)
  • ComoNeoLOG: Computer generated and time stamped electronic record of all user activities (Audit Trail)
  • ComoNeoCONNECT: Extended data transfer via OPC UA (standard OCP UA w/o licence)

With ComoNeoPREDICT, which is the online quality prediction system involving artificial intelligence (AI), users obtain reliable data about each manufactured medical device plastic component in advance, based on the current cavity pressure profile. With this information, they can improve machine settings to maximize quality, production time and process stability.

ComoNeoMERGE is the solution for precise and transparent control of complex multi-component medical device injection molding processes. The system provides a visual overview of the individual production steps processed for each plastic component. This enables a clear evaluation of the entire process and thus helps to reduce quality costs.

ComoNeo LDAP and LOG are especially adapted for medical device  injection molding requirements providing connection to the corporate user management, whereas LOG is recording a full audit trail.

Data export via CSV is standard as well as the OPC-UA export of all process values and evaluation results. For extended OPC_UA export of the full curve data, the CONNECT license is necessary.


  • Zero-defect production
  • Compliance with all standards and regulations
  • Reduced quality costs
  • Optimized process efficiency
  • Rapid amortization (RoI)
  • Data backup and optimization

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