Kistler provides customers in the maritime industry with sensor technologies to monitor marine and large stationary engines and for hydrodynamic testing.

Maritime industry

Measurement technology for maritime and naval applications

Piezoelectric measurement technologies for maritime and naval applications from Kistler help you achieve critical goals such as higher efficiency and optimized resource usage on the high seas, too. 90 percent of all goods transported across the world are carried by sea. Marine cargo transport is a green alternative to road and air transportation.

Our solutions for monitoring marine and large stationary engines are based on exact cylinder pressure measurements. Optimized combustion processes are key to a resource efficient operation enabling fuel savings of up to two percent per year – an average reduction of environmental pollution equivalent to about 2,000 tonnes of CO2 per engine per year.

Hydrodynamic testing solutions from Kistler are based on the strengths of piezoelectric sensors. Developers and engineers use these systems for the complete range of hydrodynamic tests: examples include sloshing, towing, ditching and modal testing. As regards propulsion, we offer efficient solutions to counteract cavitation as well as propeller-induced noise and vibration. Quieting and silencing have also become critically important in response to growing concerns about environmental issues. Furthermore, testing of hydrodynamic wave impacts (known as “slamming”) is a crucial factor to ensure the integrity and safety of offshore structures.

Cylinder pressure sensors from Kistler help to sustainably optimize combustion processes in large engines: CLCC systems (Closed Loop Combustion Control) enable fuel reductions of up to two percent per year. This is equivalent to approximately 2.000 tons of CO2 less per ship and year! The continuous cylinder pressure measurement reduces NOx emissions and enables predictive maintenance – also for alternatives fuels in the future!

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