Kistler continues growth trajectory

Winterthur, February 2023 – The Kistler Group continues its growth trajectory: sales of 434 million Euro in 2022 represent a year-on-year increase of 5.5 percent. And in 2023, the company aims to achieve double-digit growth thanks to technological innovations and expansion of the Chinese market. As it heads towards these goals, the measurement technology expert will focus on the global trends of digitalization, sustainability and e-mobility.

"In spite of a persistently volatile environment – dominated by the shortage of skilled professionals as well as high energy and raw material prices, with material availability still at a critical level – we are optimistic. Our order backlog is excellent: our order intake in 2022 exceeded 500 million Euro – marking a record high. Both our organization and our strategy are in good shape to face the challenges of the future," according to Rolf Sonderegger, CEO of the Kistler Group. 

Rolf Sonderegger, CEO of the Kistler Group
Rolf Sonderegger, CEO of the Kistler Group with headquarter in Winterthur.

China: growth market 

Kistler is continuing to target the development of its sites in regions that hold out promise for the future. China, in particular – which is already Kistler's largest market at present – harbors yet more major potential, and is set to become an integral element of the Kistler Group going forward. This is reflected in plans to expand on-site production and strengthen local responsibility in 2023.

Focus on innovation

Innovation always was – and still is – the driving force that motivates Kistler to grow as a company and tackle the challenges of the future. To consolidate its technological edge, the Group will make targeted investments in pioneering technologies and product innovations. A total of around eight percent of annual sales revenue is channeled into research and development. Kistler's own Business Incubator also provides an environment for the ongoing development of special business fields with potential for innovation and growth, in a protected setting where the start-up mentality prevails. In 2023, the company's entire Biomechanics area will relocate to the Business Incubator. 

Sustainable personnel development

To safeguard its competitive edge on the external labor market and ensure equal pay within the Group, Kistler has increased its payroll budget by 5.8 percent in the annual salary round for 2023 – the largest increase in the company's history. "We believe that it's particularly important to invest in sustainable personnel development – especially given the general shortage of professional talents. We can only be sure of continued growth if we have the right employees. A salary system that is both competitive and transparent is a fundamental prerequisite for this," Sonderegger points out. At global level, moreover, the company was able to realize a staffing increase of around 100 jobs, boosting the overall workforce to 2,045 employees.

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