Kistler’s Performance Analysis System Prepares Swimmers for the Rio Olympics

For competitive swimmers, performance at starts and turns is a key factor in achieving better results. Just a few hundredths of a second decide whether the race is won or lost. This is why Kistler developed its Performance Analysis System for Starts, Turns and Relay Changeovers: the ideal tool to optimize each individual athlete's performance. 
Kistler’s Performance Analysis System Prepares Swimmers for the Rio Olympics

Kistler’s Performance Analysis System Prepares Swimmers for the Rio Olympics

Continuous Optimization as Challenge

All over the world, swimmers are driven on by the vision of being crowned as an Olympic Champion before cheering crowds. But to attain elite level and perfect their technique, swimmers have to put in endless hours of training. And when the moment of truth finally arrives, only a few hundredths of a second separate the Olympic champion from the rest – so coaches and performance analysts depend on reliable, objective data to work towards achieving the narrow margin that makes all the difference.

Success Factor Reliable Data

Objective and reliable data is the key to improving the performance of elite athletes. Leading experts in both swimming and biomechanics work together to define critical performance parameters. Then, these parameters are analyzed with the help of various measurement systems: for example, the equipment integrated into the biomechanical analysis process includes instrumented starting blocks, turning plates, high-speed video cameras and timing devices.

Kistler's Solution

The Kistler Performance Analysis System for Swimming delivers kinetic and kinematic information about starts, turns and relay changeovers. Drawing on over 50 years' experience of measuring infinitesimal differences in movements, Kistler has developed products that fully meet the requirements of modern performance analysis in sport. The instrumented starting block measures the forces that act as the swimmer starts off; then, cameras focus on his or her individual movements in the underwater phases. Finally, analytical software displays the video with biomechanical analysis − in a clear format that's easy to understand.

Achieving success with Kistler

Kistler’s Performance Analysis System for Swimming offers two key advantages: it can deliver immediate feedback, and it can compare two different trials on one screen. This detailed information gives coaches and athletes the basis to adapt performance directly and make minor changes in the next trial. The results: progress towards the goal, and increased benefit from training sessions. So: take the lead – right from the start!

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