IEPE (Integrated Electronics Piezo-Electric)

What is IEPE (Integrated Electronics Piezo-Electric))/ICP®?

The abbreviation IEPE stands for Integrated Electronics Piezo-Electric. These piezoelectric sensors with built-in electronics have become the standard for industrial applications. A semiconductor circuit converts the high impedance signal of the piezosensor to a voltage signal with low impedance, which is more easily transmitted. Thanks to IEPE, the power supply and sensor signal are transmitted via one standard cable of any length without measurement errors due to cable movements. The IEPE principle is known under a number of other brand names such as ICP®, Piezotron®, CCLD, IsoTron® or DeltaTron®.

Integrated Electronics Piezo-Electric IEPE
IEPE are piezoelectric sensors with built-in electronics. In them, a semiconductor circuit converts the high impedance signal from the piezoelectric sensor into a low impedance voltage signal that is easier to transmit.

Where and how is IEPE/ICP® used?

IEPE can be used for force, pressure and acceleration sensors, as well as in measurement microphones. IEPE sensors are easier to use thanks to their integrated signal conversion and are less sensitive to electrical interference than piezoelectric sensors without IEPE. The semiconductor circuit, however, limits their use to a maximum temperature range of 150 to 200°C. Low-power IEPE sensors with significantly reduced power consumption are available for battery operation.