Piezoelectric force plates from Kistler: the key to precise gait analysis in science, clinical research and rehabilitation.

Gait analysis with Kistler force plates

Precision makes all the difference

Kistler force plates deliver precise, reliable data in research, clinical gait analysis and rehabilitation – for applications ranging from prosthetic adaptations to gait analysis with animals.

Integrated piezoelectric measurement technology captures forces and moments with utmost precision: even the smallest changes in the gait pattern or shifts in the center of gravity are detected. And thanks to accurate force measurements, the center of pressure can be calculated exactly for precise inverse dynamics.

Advantages of Kistler piezoelectric force plates for gait analysis:

  • High resolution and reliability
  • Long-term stability across an extremely wide measuring range
  • Recording of very small forces (e.g. in children)
  • Specific applications for humans and animals


  • Gait asymmetries and shifts in the center of gravity are detected
  • Prostheses can be adapted precisely and rehabilitation can be monitored
  • Center of pressure (CoP) is calculated accurately for precise inverse dynamics

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