Customized quality control in fastening technology at Fastener Fair Global 2023

Winterthur - February 2023 Whether classic friction coefficient testing, precise electrical resistance measurement or large quantities of small test parts: At this year's Fastener Fair Global at booth 804, Kistler will be presenting the individually expandable ANALYSE system, including new modules and, for the first time, optical automatic test stands for comprehensive quality control in fastening technology.

Modular ANALYSE system enables individual quality control

With the ANALYSE system, Kistler is showcasing a freely combinable selection of modules for quality assurance. Thanks to its flexible design, fasteners of different sizes can be inspected quickly and precisely. This allows users to make reliable statements about product quality based on various measured variables. The portfolio includes:

  • Bolt test stand for friction measurement: The universally applicable test stand provides reliable data on friction coefficients and forms the basis of the ANALYSE system.
  • Module for resistance measurement: Users from the electric vehicle or battery assembly industry can use the module to precisely determine the electrical resistance of the connecting parts under voltage.
  • Length measurement module: Length measurement gauge and ultrasound enable precise statements about the bolting quality based on the elongation of the bolt.
  • Hydraulic preloading and expansion module: This module allows bolted joints whose drive shears off during tightening to be hydraulically relieved after testing and thus removed from the sensor. 
  • Module for fracture testing: In this module, wood screws from the building and construction industry can be clamped and quickly and reliably tested for fracture resistance.

All the data collected is evaluated using the testXpert® software, which easily guides users through the measurement process, ensuring standard-compliant testing in fastening technology. 

The ANALYSE system by Kistler

Thanks to its modular design, the ANALYSE system by Kistler not only enables friction coefficient testing but also resistance and length measurement, as well as fracture testing.

Automatic optical test stands provide exact data for quality control

Kistler will also be presenting the KVC 821 automatic test stand. Its high resolution cameras capture screws, nuts or other fasteners and collect precise data. If the system detects a defect, the part is automatically sorted out. 
Kistler's optical test stands analyze up to 800 parts per minute and store the collected data in a dedicated database.

Would you like to learn more? You can find all the important information about the solutions on display in our press release.

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