Electromechanical joining systems from Kistler are the key to cost-effective, transparent and resource-efficient automation of press-fit processes.

Electromechanical joining system servo assembly press

Electromechanical joining systems monitor, control and optimize joining and press-fit operations in the automotive and supply industry as well as convincing by their advantages many other industries like MedTech or white goods. The integrated force-displacement monitoring is performed by maXYmos NC in real time with a complete documentation included.

Our electromechanical joining systems | servo assembly presses are your guarantee of comprehensive quality assurance and process reliability in series production. They help to make cycle times even shorter, reduce scrap and boost productivity. 

Special models are available on request – with strokes of up to 1,000 mm, force ranges of up to 600 kN, or angled designs – so you can be sure that the solution you receive will be an exact match for your application.

Electromechanical joining systems | servo assembly presses – monitor and control joining and assembly processes with maXYmos NC

As the core element of the joining system, the maXYmos NC monitors and controls the entire joining process. Sporting an intuitive touch screen display and an integrated sequence control, the system offers exceptional usability and an outstanding degree of flexibility making it suitable for joining process ranging from simple to highly complex. maXYmos NC controls, monitors, evaluates and documents XY curves (e.g. force vs. displacement) for joining and press-fit processes, together with NC joining modules and the IndraDrive servo amplifier that is included in the system. The shape of the measurement curves allows the quality of individual manufacturing steps, assembly groups or even an entire product to be monitored and controlled via SERCOS III in real-time. This means that optimum cycle times can be implemented with maximum repeat accuracy. Since unplanned downtimes are minimized, machine availability and the productivity of the manufacturing process are increased.

How electromechanical joining systems | servo assembly presses improve carbon footprint and play a valuable part in climate protection

Companies worldwide are appealed to massively reduce CO2 emissions until 2050.

A study by the University of Kassel (2012) proves that the operation of these systems delivers outstanding energy efficiency and immense potential for savings. Conventional hydraulic applications require 4.4 times more energy than their electromechanical counterparts – and with pneumatic technology, the energy requirement is up to ten times greater.

Electromechanical joining systems | servo assembly presses offer higher efficiency, so they enable you to make energy savings of 77 percent as compared to hydraulic systems; in relation to pneumatic solutions, you can save as much as 90 percent. And that's not all: as well as reducing your CO2 emissions thanks to high energy efficiency, you will also cut your operating costs.

Benefits of electromechanical joining systems | servo assembly presses

Our Assembly presses help you take action against climate change – with highly flexible joining modules for maximum energy efficiency
  • You play a valuable part in climate protection
  • You enhance your product quality and reduce the scrap
  • You boost your plant productivity by a higher degree of flexibility
  • 100% integrated quality assurance and documentation of all joining processes
  • You cut your operating costs

Learn more about how to reduce operating costs thanks to maximum energy efficiency and low-maintenance operation. Simply contact us for further details!

Our competencies

Kistler, your one-stop supplier: From a single sensor with process monitoring device to a pre-tested joining system or a customer specific semi-automatic station –  solutions all according to your requirements. Additionally, our experts offer comprehensive services, from a pilot test and simuation at the beginning of the project to a maintenance contract for a smooth operation of the assembly line.

Many different joining processes can be efficiently tested and implemented with joining systems from Kistler.

Many different joining processes can be efficiently tested and implemented with joining systems from Kistler.

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