Kistler supports the 3C electronics industries with measurement technology in product development and manufacturing.

3C electronics industries

Improve product development and manufacturing with measurement technology

The 3C, electrical and electronics industries face growing requirements in the areas of quality assurance, material testing, error detection in manufacturing, increasing efficiency and quality improvement. Simultaneously, costs need to be optimized and further reduced. Here, the computer, communications and consumer electronics industry (3C) is under significant pressure, due to its technical innovations, short product life cycles, very brief ramp-up times for new production lines, and yet, maximum quality requirements. Mass production, extensive product variety, intense competition, tight delivery times: the challenges in this industry sector are enormous.

In manufacturing and the development of production processes, force, pressure, acceleration and torque each play a decisive role. Deviations from defined parameters can result in damage and faulty products. Given the high speed of production, monitoring systems are needed that can meet the dynamic requirements of today's production equipment. The combination of highly sensitive sensor technology and process monitoring systems is the key to reliable acquisition, visualization and evaluation of measurement data. This provides valuable information about the quality of manufactured components – and also ensures that faulty parts are detected and/or sorted out at an early stage.

We support you from the product development phase (e.g. by fast, data-based validation of manufacturing processes) up to the product testing phase. Our solutions can monitor complex production processes such as the injection molding of components for smartphones and tablets or the assembly processes for a vast range of products (smartphone displays are just one example). Our systems can also perform high-precision product testing, including tactile behavior testing on control elements, spring testing, vision inspection and more.

As experienced partner for the 3C electronics industries, we support you along the entire production chain, from development and production through to assembly and testing of components and end products.

Implementing high-precision, cost-efficient production in premium quality and with the shortest possible cycle times

Achieve peak performance with first-class measurement technology and work efficiently to realize zero-defect production:

  • Thanks to our decades of expertise and successful partnerships around the globe
  • Through the seamless inline and end-of-line (EOL) integration of application-specific piezoelectric measurement and testing systems directly into your production line with a high degree of integration and at every automation stage
  • Using transparent process monitoring, complete traceability, and production optimization through the measurement of force, pressure, torque and acceleration
  • Utilizing our broad product portfolio and comprehensive range of services, from development all the way to the end product

Advantages of highly dynamic measurements with piezoelectric sensors for your process monitoring and testing tasks in the 3C electronics industries

Our unrivaled precision and longevity guarantee maximum quality and productivity while at the same time cutting costs.

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Cut costs

  • Increased productivity
  • Lower material costs
  • Higher quality
  • Optimized maintenance and plant management
Guarantee and increase quality

Guarantee and increase quality

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Process control
  • Error prevention
  • Tolerance control
  • Quality documentation
  • Traceability
  • Precision and high repeat accuracy
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Increase productivity

  • Process optimization
  • Reduced scrap
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Better capacity utilization
  • Planning and resource optimization
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Competitive edge

  • High quality 
  • Short delivery times
  • Competitive prices
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Improved image, qualification as a supplier of quality products

Kistler – your partner for maximum quality and productivity along the entire production chain in the 3C electronics industries

We are here to assist and support you with the following: development, production, assembly and testing of components and end products (example: smartphones).

Supporting you from R&D to production