Process monitoring for electrical and electronic component manufacturers

Kistler provides process monitoring solutions for electrical and electronic component manufacturers.

Force is a critical factor in many production processes. Deviations from defined parameters cause damage and faulty products.

Our process monitoring systems help you increase your product quality and productivity

For the caulking of the rockers for its switches, the Feller AG relies on force-displacement monitoring from Kistler.

Process monitoring and product testing solutions from Kistler, based on dynamic force and torque measurement: the key to optimizing your manufacturing processes.

Typical application areas for product testing with force-displacement-measurement:

PCB and display assembly

  • Press-fit pins, connectors, contacts
  • Press-in sockets, power tabs
  • Display and chip bonding / lamination

Electrical and electronic products

  • Connectors
  • Relays, contactors, circuit breakers, fuses

Switch and contact spring testing

  • Contact force
  • Keyboard, operating keys, test probes

Complex assembly processes for electronic displays

Force-displacement monitoring of display assembly in smartphone production

In electronic display production assembly processes are critical to connect sensitive electronics. Piezo force sensor monitoring solutions ensure accurate process evaluation. This means that faulty parts or assemblies can be identified at an early stage and consequential costs can be reduced.

Press-fit assembly in electronics manufacturing

Press-fit assembly in electronics manufacturing/ PCB Production / Pin insertion

One of the most challenging processes in electronics manufacturing involves placing press-in pins from components or connectors into circuit board substrates. Force monitoring ensures perfect assembly in this highly dynamic process.

Precise measurement of insertion, removal and clamping forces

Cable harness production and connector testing

The clamping force of socket and terminal contacts is a crucial factor in establishing a secure electrical contact – so accurate checking of contact clamping forces is an essential requirement. Reliable, high-precision sensors from Kistler measure the clamping force indirectly via the insertion and removal forces.

Tactile behavior testing of operating elements

With force sensors from Kistler, the tactile behavior of keyboards, touch pads, push buttons etc. can be thorougly tested.

Tactile tests are necessary to meet the high requirements for operating elements in the electronics and automotive industries. Highly sensitive piezoelectric sensor technology reliably records, visualizes and evaluates the measurement data. This provides the basis for valuable statements about the quality of manufactured components – and it also ensures that bad parts are detected and/or separated out at an early stage of the process.

Reliable spring testing

Spring characteristic and behaviour testing during production at Ingun

Spring testing is essential for quality assurance: tests are performed to verify the spring’s function, to determine its characteristics, and to classify springs according to their technical properties. Thanks to piezoelectric force sensors, even the smallest forces can be precisely recorded and evaluated.

Measurement technology for process monitoring and product testing: a sustainable investment that will quickly pay off for you

  • Availability and support across the globe
  • Products that are simple to integrate
  • Highly reliable products with long lifetimes

Kistler measurement technology delivers added value in many ways

  • Process reliability
  • Process transparency
  • Optimized manufacturing processes
  • End-to-end traceability
  • Increased productivity

Measuring chains based on dynamic force measurement technology

As well as measurement technology backed by decades of experience, Kistler's customers enjoy another key benefit: one single source for the entire measuring chain. Our portfolio includes everything from state-of-the-art sensor technology and advanced data acquisition units through to hardware and software for precise data analysis and visualization of the measurement results. Here are two examples of measuring chains featuring dynamic force measurement technology – and all the components are available from Kistler, the one-stop shop.

Kistler measurement technology interacting with a PLC or an industrial PC

[object Object] Force sensor Industrial charge amplifier

In this constellation, signal evaluation is usually handled by the PLC or an IPC.

maXYmos process monitoring system to check and evaluate the quality of each individual production step, using a force-time or force-displacement curve

maXYmos process monitoring system to check and evaluate the quality of each individual production step with the aid of a force-time or force-displacement curve Force sensor maXYmos process monitoring system

The main advantage of this measurement chain: Each production step can be checked and visualized.