Kistler offers complete measurement and test systems for the development of electric and hybrid powertrains.

Electric and hybrid vehicle powertrain testing

The precise analysis of electric and hybrid powertrains is the prerequisite for their optimization – based on accurate measurements and calculations of the system energy flows – and the development of ecologically and economically sustainable vehicles for the mobility of the future. 

As a leader in the field of innovative, application-oriented measurement systems for engine development, backed by more than 50 years of experience and expertise, we support you with state-of-the-art measurement technology and test systems for accomplishing fast, accurate and efficient electric vehicle (EV) powertrain analysis. More than that: we will guide you through the new and challenging applications.

Rely on our competency in EV and hybrid vehicle powertrain testing – benefit from unique solutions and measurement accuracy across the entire measuring chain – in-vehicle and on the test bench.

Kistler offers flexible measurement and testing solutions designed for analysis and development of hybrid powertrains.

Electric/hybrid powertrains are complex systems made up of a varying number of components: e-motor, converters, inverters, batteries and eventually even a combustion engine. A precise understanding of how these components interact and how these interactions are influencing each other is indispensable in the characterization of their performance.

Therefore, dynamic vehicle testing in a high-voltage environment with constantly changing states of electrical parameters and thermal behavior requires a reliable solution that can be adapted to changing scenarios. Monitoring temperature accurately across the entire system and especially in batteries is an important topic and critical for overall performance in terms of energy efficiency and safety. 

Empowering engineers to design ecologically and economically sustainable vehicles

High-precision measurements of power flows and thermal flows help characterize and visualize system energy flows in real time, detect energy losses and balance electric power and temperatures of the subsystems.

Our KiBox2 powertrain analysis system and the FSI temperature monitoring system are high performance instruments which form a unique, powerful measurement and analysis platform covering all relevant measurands within the full drivetrain. A superior measurement accuracy across the complete measuring chain guarantees high-quality data, from combustion and high-voltage electrical power input including the battery up to the resulting mechanical power output. 

As single or combined solution both instruments are designed for testing, developing, validating, benchmarking, and producing complete electric and hybrid propulsion units and their components. Boost your capabilities to analyze the entire thermal and electrical characteristics of vehicles like passenger cars, trucks, UAVs (drones), trains etc. 

Benefits of the combined KiBox2 powertrain analysis / FSI temperature monitoring system:

  • Flexible, mobile, compact hardware, applicable in-vehicle and on the test bench
  • High accuracy and excellent data quality due to sophisticated algorithms 
  • Versatile and scalable to fit various measurement scenarios 
  • Fast setup, short installation time and easy to operate with one software environment
  • Measurement, calculation and analysis of relevant parameters according to Std IEEE1459-2010

Temperature monitoring in electric and hybrid powertrains

Kistler offers an optical measurement system for temperature monitoring of the high-voltage powertrain and battery.

The unique FSI temperature monitoring system is a high-speed optical system. It uses optical fibers to map and analyze the thermal behavior of powertrain components. A single fiber may address up to 22 individual sensing elements (for example battery cells), making the setup less intrusive and laborious as compared to using conventional thermocouples.

Benefits of the FSI temperature monitoring system from Kistler:

  • Single FSI interrogator to support multiple fibers
  • Quick and easy installation (reduced number of cables and sensor lines) 
  • Can create heat maps of complete battery packs or pouch cells
  • Provides raw data
  • Proven EMI (electromagnetic interferences immunity) due to galvanic isolated optical sensing elements

Electric and hybrid powertrain analysis

Kistler offers a measuring system for power analyses of electric and hybrid vehicle powertrains.

KiBox2 is a compact, mobile, and comprehensive data acquisition and analysis system designed for measuring and calculating all relevant parameters of an electric or hybrid propulsion unit. Measurement data are calculated, recorded and visualized in real time. Advanced and precise cycle detection in combination with the extremely short calculation window creates a new dimension of possible test procedures.

Benefits of the KiBox2 electric powertrain analysis system from Kistler:

  • Applicable to fully electric and hybrid powertrains
  • Supports static as well as highly dynamic test scenarios
  • Delivers real-time data
  • Provides raw data
  • Delivers high measurement data quality
  • Scalable channel count (up to 64 channels, cascadable hardware)
  • Combines with mechanical power (torque)

Drivetrain efficiency analysis

Mechanical Drivetrain Efficiency Analysis focuses on the precise measurement of power transmitted from the engine to the wheels and driveshafts, crucial for evaluating the efficiency of vehicle powertrains, especially for electric vehicle powertrains.

Mechanical Drivetrain Efficiency Analysis focuses on the precise measurement of power transmitted from the engine to the wheels and driveshafts, crucial for evaluating the efficiency of vehicle powertrains, especially for electric vehicle powertrains. By measuring torque and rotational speed (RPM), this analysis provides a detailed assessment of the power output at different stages of the drivetrain. For this application, Kistler offers advanced measurement systems such as the P1 Torque Wheels, KiRoad Wireless P1 On-board Unit, and KiTorq DS Driveshaft Torque Measurement System.

Key Facts:

  1. P1 Torque Wheels - Integrates directly into the vehicle’s wheel hub, providing accurate torque and force measurement directly from the wheels.
  2. KiRoad Wireless P1 On-board Unit - Facilitates encrypted, wireless data transmission and supports up to four wheel units, ensuring comprehensive coverage and data integrity.
  3. KiTorq DS – Efficient driveshaft torque measurement system. Features a unique design for easy installation and removal, optimizing flexibility and reducing setup time.

Benefits of the Kistler drivetrain analysis system:

  • Enhanced Testing Accuracy: The combination of the P1 Torque Wheels and KiTorq DS systems ensures high precision in measuring torque and power.
  • Operational Flexibility: The KiTorq DS system’s quick installation and removal allow for rapid reconfiguration between tests or vehicles, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Comprehensive Data Acquisition: Get a detailed view of mechanical efficiency across different drivetrain components.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Standardized and reusable components provide a cost-effective solution.