Wideband Zener barriers / 5252A

Wideband Zener barriers


Family Type 5252A high frequency Zener safety barriers allow usage of the Type 8152C acoustic emission sensor and its associated coupler, Type 5125C, in ATEX and IS environments.
  • Conforms to ATEX directives 94,9,EC and 2014,34,EU II 1GD IEC,EN60079-11; CSA Class I, Zone 0 and Class II, Zone 20
  • Cut-off frequency: 6 MHz
  • Low-capacitance
  • 12 VDC pass, 13.7 VDC clamp voltage (Type 5252A1) or 24 VDC pass, 27.3 VDC clamp voltage (Type 5252A2)
The Type 5252A wideband Zener barriers are made to operate with a cut-off frequency of >6 MHz for Type 5252A1 and >3.5 MHz for Type 5252A2. The wide bandwidth allows for the Type 5252A1 barrier to be used with the Type 8152C AE sensor, which has usable frequencies up to 1 MHz. The flat bandwith response at high frequencies and low capacitance enables the barriers to be used in a wide range of other applications including digital interfaces (such as the RPM of a compressor or motor) and serial buses without signal degradation. The Types 5252A1 and 5252A2 barriers can, for example, be used together with Kistler ATEX piezoresistive pressure transmitters Types 4260A, 4262A, and 4264A.
Data sheet
Wideband Zener Barriers for Acoustic Emission Measuring Chain