Wheel torque transducers for cars and SUVs / RoaDyn P1 for passenger cars

Wheel torque transducers for cars and SUVs

RoaDyn P1 for passenger cars

These wheel torque transducers deliver precise torque measurements for road load data acquisition.
  • Two independent measuring ranges of 10% and 100%
  • Quick and easy mounting on different veicles with corresponding adaptions
  • Setup time less than 15 minutes
  • Low additional unsprung mass and low moment of inertia
  • Automatic identification and data transmission via farfield telemetry
  • Four additional temperature channels for simple connection of Type K sensors
The measuring system has three main components: the wheel torque transducer, the data transmission module and the on-board electronics (control unit). A wireless digital telemetry system is available for data transmission from the rotating wheel to the on-board electronics. The wheel torque transducers in the RoaDyn P1xT series replace the middle part of the rim, thus enabling optimum integration into the suspension system, i.e. in the most effective position for acquiring wheel forces or torques. Mounting the wheel torque transducer on the vehicle is comparable with changing a standard wheel. The traction torque My is measured with piezoelectric quartz sensors. The two switchable measuring ranges make it possible to measure small as well as very large torques extremely accurately. The signals are amplified and processed in the electronics system integrated into with the wheel. A digital system with CAN bus (telemetry) is available for transmission to the customer's data acquisition system. The transmission modules can be quickly and easily exchanged with one another. In addition to the traction torque My, the digital telemetry system (family Type 9811B) is able to transmit three temperature signals (and a temperature signal of the wheel electronics).