Strain gauge load cells, force sensors for low tensile and compression forces, Fz max 0.1 to 10 kN / 4578A



Strain gauge load cells of Type 4578A for low tensile and compression forces are universally applicable in laboratory as well as industrial environments.
Main features / advantages
  • Compact strain gauge load cells
  • 7 measuring ranges from 0 ... 0.1 kN to 0 ... 10 kN
  • Simple to mount force sensors
  • Measuring accuracy better than 0.2% FSO
  • Stainless steel construction
Strain gauges are applied to the flexural diaphragms in the load cell and deliver a bridge output voltage directly proportional to the measurand during concentric load application. The force being measured must be applied to the thread along the central axis of Type 4578A strain gauge load cells. A force distributing cap or an adapter for the particular application must be used for this purpose, and introduction of shear or torsion forces avoided. Lateral forces within ±2,5° of the perpendicular force may be neglected. Higher lateral forces must be kept away from the load cell through design measures as shown in the articulated mounting configurations. The strain gauge load cells are available for seven different measuring ranges from 0 … 100 N to 0 … 10 kN.
Data sheet
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