Strain gauge based wheel force transducers for tire test stands, Fz load ranges 30 to 100 kN / Measuring hub for tire testing

Strain-gauge-based measuring hubs from Kistler allow to measure force and moment (F&M) on tire test stands.

Measuring hub for tire testing

These multicomponent wheel force transducers measure wheel forces Fx, Fy, Fz and moments Mx, (My), Mz. They enable long-term measurements of force and moment, tire endurance and tire wear tests including closed loop control based on the measured static forces.
  • Maximum measuring accuracy during static and dynamic testing
  • Fits to wheels with rim size 13" or larger, smaller rims may be mounted with a compatible adapter
  • Fits to standard rims with interchangeable adapters, custom rims not required
  • Up to 3000 rpm
  • Analog, CAN, EtherCAT and Ethernet output available with the corresponding electronics
  • Also suitable for test stand control (closed-loop control based on the static measured forces)
The RoaDyn S5xx wheel force transducers are rigid strain gauge based measuring devices. The instrument itself is stationary with a set of high precision 3-component force sensors mounted between a base and top plate, which holds a spindle (shaft) and bearings that carry the wheel. The force components are measured practically path-independent. This yields minimal crosstalk between the components and a high natural frequency of the entire system. The shaft end is led out on the rear side of the wheel force transducer and is prepared for installation of various additional equipment. An oil circuit is provided for lubrication and cooling of the bearings, which allows for constant thermal conditions even when large loads are applied and reduces bearing as well as sealing friction to a minimum. The various mechanical interfaces on the shaft front side allow either direct mounting of a test wheel or mounting test wheels, with different hole pattern, using an intermediate adapter. The dynamometer is proof against corrosion, splash-water and dust.