Process monitoring and control system ComoScout for plastic injection molding processes / 5889A

ComoScout is designed to monitor signals from the injection molding machine and evaluate deviations to part quality on this base.


Process monitoring with ComoScout is ideal for injection molders' retrofit and entry-level needs.
  • Dashboard for quick overview and visualization of the injection molding process
  • Process monitoring and control with defined thresholds for selected machine and sensor signals
  • Digital interface from injection molding machine to production environment (via OPC UA)
  • Enhanced user management and usability functions
  • Efficient data transfer and enhanced traceability (also for older machines)

ComoScout is a process monitoring system for injection molding machines. Unlike ComoNeo, it is not connected to cavity pressure sensors: instead, ComoScout makes use of signals coming from the injection molding machine and any other voltage-output sensors (such as emperature transducers). ComoScout offers versatile monitoring and optimization functions based on the acquired data.