Piezoelectric sensors, longitudinal strain measuring pins (M10) / 9243X

Piezoelectric sensors, longitudinal strain measuring pins (M10)


Piezoelectric sensor for monitoring forces and strains in machines and tools. This compact, longitudinally sensitive pin is used for indirect measurement of dynamic and quasistatic forces.
  • Piezoelectric sensor for indirect measurement of very large forces
  • Preloaded mounting allows measurement of compressive and tensile forces
  • Can be mounted at virtually any depth in the structure
  • Suitable for mounting in structures subjected to heavy vibration
  • Ground isolation mounting kit available
The measuring pin is mounted with a precisely defined preload. The strain in the surrounding material is transferred via the end of the sensor and the external thread to the quartz sensing element. The electrical charge output is proportional to the change in mechanical strain. A charge amplifier converts the charge into a voltage signal that can be processed as required. The sensitivity of the entire structural system must be analyzed for an absolute pressure measurement. This means that the expansion or compressibility of the relevant structure, including mounted measuring pin, must be determined, via a calculation or comparison measurement.