Piezoelectric (PE or IEPE) pressure sensors, miniature transducers, for highly dynamic measurements up to 1000 bar (15000 psi) / 603C

The piezoelectric miniature pressure sensor 601C captures very small pressure pulsations ranging up to 250 bar.


The miniature pressure sensors of the 603C series are, due to their high natural frequency, suited for a variety of applications where highly dynamic pressure transients need to be measured. The acceleration compensation ensures reliable measurements even under highly vibrating conditions.
Main features / advantages
  • Pressure ranges up to 1000 bar (15000 psi)
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Acceleration compensated sensor design
  • Very short rise time and very high natural frequency
  • Small sensor size
  • Charge (PE) or voltage (IEPE) output

Due to their high natural frequencies, piezoelectric pressure sensors can be used for a variety of applications where dynamic pressures need to be measured. Another unique characteristic of piezoelectric pressure sensors is their ability to measure small pressure fluctuations that are superimposed on top of high static pressures with exceptional resolution. By contrast, piezoresistive pressure sensors are the right choice when measuring static pressure curves. At the core of the all-welded, hermetically sealed 603C series is a quartz crystal. The pressure to be measured acts on the sensor’s diaphragm and compresses the crystal. The compressed crystal produces a charge which is proportional to the pressure. Finally, the charge signal needs to be converted by a charge amplifier to a voltage which can then be read.

Data sheet
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Piezoelectric Pressure Sensors
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