General purpose K-Shear accelerometers, 25 … 5000 g, top connector / 8704B

The Kistler accelerometer with top connector is suitable for structural vibration measurements during NVH testing.


Family Type 8704B are small, relatively lightweight general purpose accelerometers for vibration measurements in wide range of applications.
Main features / advantages
  • Low-impedance, voltage mode
  • Ultra-low base strain
  • Minimal thermal transient response
  • Top connector
  • Quartz-shear sensing elements
  • Conforming to CE
The Type 8704B top connector accelerometers use a unique shear mode sensing element made of stable quartz crystals. The quartz sensing elements afford excellent long-term stability that ensure repeatable, accurate measurements for many years. Additionally, the shear element design provides low transverse sensitivity along with an insensitivity to base strain and thermal transients. All units are hermetically sealed and are constructed entirely of titanium or a combination of titanium and stainless steel. An internal circuit Piezotron impedance converter provides a high signal level at low impedance output.
K-Shear Accelerometers – PiezoStar Accelerometers
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