Charge attenuators for electrical charge signals / 5361B

Charge attenuators for electrical charge signals


A charge attenuator is required if the charge emitted by the piezoelectric sensor exceeds the largest measuring range of the charge amplifier in use.
  • 9 division ratios available from 2:1 to 1000:1
  • Compact housing
  • Easy to use
The charge attenuator Type 5361B consists of two high-insulating capacitors, one of which is in parallel with the input (parallel capacitance), while the other is connected between input and output (series capacitance). This connection leads to a division of the input charge and thus to a smaller output charge by a factor of x (division ratio). At each end of the housing there is a BNC connector (input: BNC neg., output: BNC pos.), so that the charge attenuator can be connected directly between the sensor cable (e.g. Type 1631C) and any extension cable (e.g. Type 1603B) or between the sensor cable and the amplifier input if no extension cable is required.