Closed-loop combustion control (CLCC) for large engines’ efficiency – continuous monitoring is key

Closed-loop combustion control-CLCC based on continuous monitoring

Closed-loop combustion control (CLCC) in large engines is a widespread method to optimize combustion efficiency. The continuous monitoring of the cylinder pressure provides the key element for effecting this – feedback control of the actual combustion process.

Our rugged piezoelectric sensors and measuring chains deliver high-precision data for continuous operational monitoring of large engines. Backed by our lengthy experience of cylinder pressure measurement, these products are guaranteed to deliver a reliable database for many purposes: reduction of fuel consumption is just one example. With our sensor technology, you will detect errors at an early stage and optimize control of the combustion processes in large engines.

Advantages of continuous cylinder pressure monitoring using Kistler sensor technology for CLCC:

  • Accurate and stable measurement results backed by years of experience
  • Simultaneous monitoring of all cylinders
  • Real-time reporting of irregularities 
  • Long-term use of rugged sensors

Do you have any questions about using piezoelectric sensors for continuous cylinder pressure monitoring of large engines? We'll be glad to assist you!


  • Detect errors in the combustion process at an early stage
  • Minimize emissions and wear
  • Optimize maintenance intervals
  • Save fuel