Force sensors

Piezoelectric force sensors from Kistler are the best choice to accurately measure dynamic and quasi-static compressive and tensile forces.

Piezoelectric force sensors, respectively piezoelectric force transducers or load cells, are perfectly suited for the precise measurement of compressive and tensile forces, both in highly dynamic applications and in quasi-static processes. In universities and industry, for basic research or quality assurance: exact data is always essential in order to measure force characteristics and make processes more cost-effective. Thanks to their rugged design, piezoelectric force sensors from Kistler keep precise track of quasi-static and highly dynamic force processes, even when conditions are difficult. Our force sensors can also handle simultaneous measurements of multiple orthogonal force components.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I choose the right force sensor for my application?
Consider factors such as measurement range, accuracy, and environmental conditions to select the best force sensor for your needs.
Can Kistler force sensors be used in harsh environments?
Yes, our force sensors are designed to withstand extreme conditions and provide accurate measurements even in harsh environments. They are also sealed to protect against dust and water ingress.
What are the benefits of using piezoelectric force sensors?
Piezoelectric force sensors offer high stiffness, fast response times, and wide measurement ranges, making them ideal for dynamic force measurements in various industries.