Axle weighing system / axle load scale

What is an axle weighing system or an axle load scale?

An axle weighing system consists of static or dynamic axle load scales that are usually installed directly in the road. Unlike traditional weighbridges, an axle load scale can determine the weight for each individual axis. Algorithms are used to convert the signal generated by the sensor installed in the ground into weight.

Axle weighing systems designed on the basis of dynamic axle load scales measure the axle loads of vehicles when they drive over the sensors.
Axle weighing systems consist of multiple axle load scales that are installed in the road. Dynamic axle load scales like the Weigh In Motion systems from Kistler measure the axle loads individually while the vehicle drives over the system.

The overall weight of the vehicle is calculated by adding up all the axle loads.

An axle can also be weighed dynamically while the vehicle drives over the axle load scale (Weigh In Motion).