Bad tire conditions affect road safety

Automated tire screening

Kistler has developed a simple solution that allows authorities to monitor the condition of tires on roads: Automated Tire Screening (ATS) is a Weigh In Motion solution that consists of our Lineas quartz sensors and our WIM Data Logger. Installed in the road pavement, the sensors measure wheel and axle loads and determine gross vehicle weight under rolling traffic conditions. The highly accurate measurement signals they generate are conditioned and processed by the WIM Data Logger. With this technology, roadside inspectors can automatically screen tire pressures on all passing commercial motor vehicles to identify potentially unsafe, damaged, or flat tires and thus improve road safety. 

Benefits of the tire safety screening solution (ATS) from Kistler:

  • WIM Data Logger combines Weigh In Motion (WIM) and tire screening in one cost-effective solution.
  • Is already integrated into most existing bypass, screening, and sorting systems.
  • Data is easily accessed and shared (open source).
  • Simple upgrade for existing Lineas quartz Weigh In Motion sites worldwide.
  • ATS differentiates between single, super single, and dual tires, as well as detecting tires that are insufficiently inflated, flat, mismatched or missing.
  • Roadside inspectors can automatically check tires on all passing vehicles without disrupting traffic.
Kistler's compact WIM data logger (Type 5204A) makes it even simpler to integrate Weigh In Motion into the existing infrastructure – virtually meeting plug-and-play standards.

The all-in-one weighing and tire safety screening solution: Lineas quartz sensors combined with the WIM Data Logger enable users to monitor traffic and capture accurate tire pressure data.

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