Kistler offers a great variety of measurement technology for vehicle dynamics and durability, tire testing, NVH and more.

In-line and end-of-line testing (EOL testing) for production processes

Kistler offers a comprehensive portfolio of industrial test systems: piezoelectric sensor technology as well as complete test stand solutions for monitoring, in-process, end-of-line (EOL) and offline measurements.  In sectors as varied as the automotive and consumer goods industries, medical technology, packaging and electronics, monitoring and control of forming, splitting, joining and assembly processes provide the bedrock for all successful industrial production processes.

High-precision friction testing and testing of efficiency at end-of-line test stands

Kistler offers precision torque sensors for friction testing and testing of efficiency at end-of-line (EOL) test stands.

Torque sensors from Kistler can reliably accomplish friction and efficiency tests of all types. Calculating the efficiency of pumps, transmissions and engines requires a comparison of input and output power. Torque sensor technology from Kistler allows to calculate the power exactly from the input moment and the measured speed.

In addition to efficiency testing, Kistler torque sensors are also used to measure friction coefficients: initial quality control for end-of-line powertrain testing is just one example of this application.

Advantages of friction and efficiency testing with Kistler:

  • Flange or shaft sensors fit flexibly into the test stand
  • Parallel measurements of two torques using dual-range sensors
  • Exact results thanks to piezoelectric sensors
  • High-precision torque sensor technology for reliable friction and efficiency testing.

End-of-line test stands for electrical drive systems

End-of-line test stands from Kistler ensure the quality of electric drive systems.

Integrated directly into production lines, end-of-line (EOL) test stands from Kistler offer an efficient solution to ensure the quality of electric motors and powertrain components. These test stands are produced precisely in line with customers’ requirements to seamlessly align with specific production environments. And even if space is limited, a vast number of tests can be performed thanks to fully automated solutions from Kistler.

The Kistler Group has two engineering facilities for electric motor test stands in Germany and China – enabling us to implement EOL test stand concepts flexibly in response to the varying requirements of different markets and customers. This applies to the entire process chain, from design, structuring and actual production of the test stand through to commissioning and service. 

Industrial Test Systems – Tactile Behavior Testing

Kistler offers inline and end-of-line (EOL) test systems for measuring tactile behavior of control elements.

In the electronics and automotive industries, certain products (control elements) require tactile/haptic testing to guarantee that the components will always deliver the desired functionality. Thanks to piezoelectric sensors from Kistler, the quality of these control elements can be verified accurately and reliably either during the manufacturing process or at the end of the production line. Cutting-edge monitoring systems enable visualization of the measurement data acquired by force or torque sensors. This approach yields qualitative statements for the manufactured components, so faulty parts can be detected and filtered out at an early stage.

Advantages of tactile behavior testing with Kistler:

  • Wide measuring range
  • Sensors with overload protection
  • Evaluation based on window technology

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