Kistler offers a comprehensive range of process monitoring systems in automotive production and across entire value chains.

Automotive production

Measurement technology designed for higher quality and efficiency in production and product testing

As an automotive manufacturer and supplier to the automotive industry, you are facing major challenges: Conversion to e-mobility, autonomous driving, digitalization, automation, sustainability, decarbonization. At the same time, you need to meet the highest quality standards, even more regarding safety-critical components. A single defect that has been overlooked in manufacture may cause a domino effect and finally costly recalls.

As your reliable partner in automotive production, we offer a comprehensive range of process monitoring systems for many areas in automotive production and across entire value chains: from primary forming and forming of metals and sheet metal to joining and assembly processes and product testing. Our modular assembly and test station Smart Single Station, for example, is designed to automate assembly processes. It is suitable for standalone operation and as an integration solution for existing assembly lines.  

We support you in a wide variety of production areas – whether it's injection molding in automotive lightweight construction, demanding stamping and deep drawing in automotive body construction, machining, joining and fastening, as well as end-of-line (EOL) inspection systems for optical inspection of surfaces or electrical drives, and much more.

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