Kistler backs manufacturers of 3C electronic products with individual press-fit systems and solutions from a single source.

Precision press-fit assembly in the 3C industries

Systems and solutions for development and production

Solderless press-fit joints are highly reliable and safe against external influences such as vibrations, impacts or shocks. Thanks to these advantages, press-fit technology (also: cold welding) is the fastening technology of choice for a number of assembly operations involved in the manufacture of products in the 3C industries – the computer, communication and consumer electronics sectors. 

For example: the press-fit method is used to assemble printed circuit boards (PCBs) with power electronics and connectors for circuit boards; it is also used in board-to-board assembly of PCBs (backplanes or back panels). Performing these complex press-fit processes to high standards of quality and efficiency presents a challenge: how can force and positioning be controlled with precision? The same issue arises with display bonding processes to join particularly sensitive materials and components such as glass and touch sensors: here too, it is essential to apply the required press forces with maximum precision and repeat accuracy.

Components and systems for easy integration to lines allow great flexibility in press-fit assembly of 3C electronic products

Kistler components and systems are easily integrated into assembly lines. The portfolio ranges from individual sensors and process monitoring systems to NC joining systems (servo presses) as well as turnkey press-fit and test cells (Smart Single Stations). These solutions give users a high degree of flexibility so they can adapt to rapid changes in the market at any time.

Accomplishing complex press-fit, bonding and testing tasks in 3C product manufacturing with maximum precision, short cycle times and high efficiency

Kistler offers the cutting-edge press-fit technologies that you need to satisfy the ever-increasing requirements for quality, production speed, traceability and efficiency in the 3C manufacturing industries.

Kistler press-fit systems and solutions for 3C electronics manufacturing – benefits

Process reliability

Process reliability

  • High repeatability
  • Precise application of forces in the joining process
  • 100% monitoring and documentation of measured values
Cut costs

Cut costs

  • Electromechanical joining systems that deliver high energy efficiency, with cost savings of up to 90%*
  • Short downtimes (low maintenance)
Excellent flexibility

Excellent flexibility

  • Extensive product portfolio
  • High degree of integration
  • Rapid commissioning
  • Fast conversion times 
  • Expandability
Global support

Global support

  • Worldwide service network
  • Joining Competence Center (JCC) to perform tests, experiments and simulations
  • Maintenance packages

* Study by the University of Kassel (2012) 

As experts in press-fit technology, we offer you tailormade systems and solutions from one single source: from pilot testing and simulation all the way through to complete solutions for assembly processes.

This complete servo press system from Kistler is the perfect choice for precise press-fit assembly of 3C electronic products.

Implement press-fit and bonding applications as well as product testing in the 3C electronics manufacturing with a complete servo-press system

The complete electromechanical servo-press system guarantees high process reliability for automated, force-displacement-monitored press-fit assembly, display bonding, and product testing with very small forces.

In this solution, a 2157B NCFT joining module with an integrated maXYmos NC process monitoring system handles the control, monitoring, evaluation and documentation of assembly processes and/or force-displacement profiles, ensuring end-to-end quality control and traceability in the assembly of 3C electronics products. 

Industrial production: Semi-automated Smart Single Station with XY positioning and a rotable stamping tool.
Test systems (joining and press-fit) for faster series startup – making life easier for plant and machinery manufacturers
  • For pre-development work on 3C electronic components and products, we design turnkey test systems for joining and press-fit applications. As part of our service, we ensure that all the required overall conditions are met for the measuring chain to be integrated into the production plant – your guarantee of a stable and reproducible manufacturing process. This eliminates the cost and effort of determining the parameters in series production: instead, these parameters are already defined ahead of time so series production can start up more quickly.
  • We also guarantee compliance with all requirements for safe and ergonomic user guidance, making it possible to exclude any danger to the operator.

Want to rely on maximum precision and efficiency for your press-fit assembly in 3C electronics manufacturing?

Then put your trust in press-fit technology and expertise from Kistler!