Kistler offers latest process monitoring solutions to improve plastics injection molding in the 3C electronics industries.

Injection molding of 3C electronics plastic parts

Process monitoring solutions for high precision

Every day, we support our customers in the 3C electronics industries in precision plastics processing, for example in plastics injection molding of small connectors or components for smartphones, tablets or keyboards. The quality requirements on injection molding of thin-walled, lightweight and small plastic parts featuring exact dimensions as well as bright and smooth surfaces are very high in the 3C industries. At the same time, cost efficiency, transparency and traceability have to be secured.

Our philosophy? Integrating quality assurance directly into the injection molding process which is the most efficient and reliable method of quality assurance for injection molding. That means accurate sensor technology to measure cavity pressure and temperature is positioned in the injection mold itself to identify deviations from the target condition. Set up your processes quickly and monitor them effectively with our process monitoring and assistance systems including highly advanced software solutions!

Realizing rapid, zero-defect series production of small, thin-walled, high-volume plastic components featuring exact dimensions and superior surface quality

It is our aim to enable superior outcomes in terms of production quality, productivity, transparency and traceability in the injection molding of 3C electronics plastic parts. We support you from the mold testing phase and the subsequent setup of series production processes through to production and product testing.

In production up to product testing, we enable you to manage challenges referring to:

Quality molding of thin-walled parts

  • By detecting short-shots, flashing and incorrect dimensions
  • By providing automated 100-percent control of the part quality 
  • By preventing tool wear due to excessive internal tool pressures

Realization of high-level surface quality, especially for visible parts such as housings

  • By monitoring and optimizing the filling phase based on fill time, filling pressure and mold temperature

Overmolding of metal inserts

  • By ensuring that inserts are placed correctly
  • By monitoring pressure and temperature profiles to ensure the required adhesion of the components

As your partner and expert in quality plastics injection molding for the 3C electronics industries, we provide you with efficient measurement solutions to monitor, control and optimize injection molding processes.

Advantages of our state-of-the-art solutions for quality injection molding in the 3C electronics industries

Guarantee and increase quality

Boost part quality

  • Monitor every produced part directly in the mold
  • Know the result before the part is ejected
  • Identify deviations from the target condition to detect bad parts in real time 
  • Control injection molding machine
Maximize efficiency

Maximize efficiency

  • Optimize the injection molding process in real time 
  • Reduce cycle time without compromising on quality 
Optimize resources

Optimize resources

  • Reduce scrap and save raw material and energy
  • Reduce tool wear 
  • Increase equipments’ OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)
Ensure full traceability

Ensure full traceability

  • Transparency due to automated process monitoring and documentation of product quality and its decisive factors
  • Process data can be retrieved, reported and analyzed at any time

Best-in-class measurement solutions for quality injection molding in the 3C industries

Put your trust in our first-hand application know-how and the entire measurement chain that fits your needs. Our product portfolio is geared towards simplicity for the injection molding user.

Seeking for zero-defect mass production of small plastic parts?

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Plastics injection molding in 3C industry: Kistler p-T sensors enable to measure cavity pressure and temperature in one.
Unique cavity pressure sensors for plastics injection molds

Cavity pressure provides a direct criterion to determine part quality in the production of plastic components in the 3C electronics industry. In addition to machine data, it plays a key part in transparent process monitoring. To achieve this objective, we offer an extensive portfolio of high-precision pressure sensors to equip a varied range of single as well as multi-cavity molds. This also covers a choice of unique sensors that are particularly designed for plastics injection molding in the 3C electronics manufacturing, for example:

  • High-pressure sensors to measure cavity pressure up to 2,500 bar 
  • pT-sensors to measure cavity pressure and temperature simultaneously 
  • Contactless cavity pressure sensors to meet the high surface quality requirements and are easy to maintain
Control and optimize plastics injection molding processes in the 3C industries with the ComoNeo process monitoring system.
ComoNeo process monitoring system for plastics injection molding

ComoNeo is our state-of-the-art process monitoring device and can handle up to 32 pressure signals and 16 temperature signals in real time to reduce scrap during plastics injection molding. ComoNeo records all conditions in the mold during the injection molding process. Special functions enable the analysis, optimization, monitoring and documentation of the injection molding process and are suitable and reliable tools for the various phases of qualification and validation up to production in the 3C industries.

The integrated user management and automatic recording of user activities offer the greatest possible process security and transparency. Closed-loop features like our automatic hot runner balancing option Multiflow, lead to more efficiency during setup and compensate for process fluctuations during production. 

Monitoring plastics injection molding processes with ComoNeo – application-specific features for 3C industries

  • ComoNeoMULTIFLOW: Automatic hot runner balancing to gain efficiency (closed loop control)
  • ComoNeoSWITCH: Automatic switchover from speed control to pressure control in response to cavity pressure (closed loop control)
  • ComoNeoLDAP: automatic management of policies and users (User Management)
  • ComoNeoLOG: add-on software, computer-generated and time-stamped electronic record of all user activities (Audit Trail)
  • ComoNeoPREDICT: AI-based online quality prediction system for zero-defect production
Process monitoring in injection molding: With the AkvisIO IME production data software, users can evaluate data.
AkvisIO IME – Injection molding data analysis software for the shopfloor

AkvisIO IME is the all-encompassing data base and data analysis software solution for the 3C industry to store and process high-resolution process data that include cavity pressure from ComoNeo and data from the plastics injection molding machines in real time. Once installed on the company network, all Kistler as well as third party field devices on the shopfloor can be easily registered in AkvisIO to synchronize process data and display recorded cycle data on the web-based user interface.

Based on this synchronized high-resolution quality data, you can identify deviations in the parameter curve for an injection molding process and eliminate their causes. The software also simplifies the creation of customized reports for quality assurance and audits and ensures data connectivity to third-party software if requested for any dedicated information exchange. As a modular, scalable software solution, AkvisIO already comes equipped with an AI engine and a number of analysis features that are being continually expanded.