Performance analysis system KiSprint for sprint, 5-component system / 9693A2

Biomechanical measuring systems from Kistler provide the basis for comprehensive performance diagnostics.
  • 5-component starting block (5 output signals)
  • Contains camera and laser
  • DAQ, start system and software included
On request
On request
ApplicationsBiomechanics and life sciences
The instrumented starting blocks record 3-dimensional forces for each leg separately. Angle and position of the footplate are easy adjustable and the footplate is in accordance with the competition blocks. The instrumented starting block is attached to the ground with spikes. A high-speed video camera is capturing the first meters of the sprint start. A laser distance measuring device captures the distance of the athlete over time. The device targets the lumbar region of the athlete and allows continuous measurement of the speed over the whole acceleration phase. In addition, split times are available for any distance. The data acquisition is triggered by an electronic start pistol. Setup of the system is quick and simple and the operation is easy and intuitive.
Data sheet
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