Mobile calibration device caliTEST mobile 300 for torque wrenches / caliTEST mobile 5413-5721/

Mobile calibration device caliTEST mobile 300 for torque wrenches
caliTEST mobile 5413-5721/
  • Mobile calibration device for compliant calibration and testing of indicating and setting torque wrenches
  • Attainable measurement uncertainty of ≤1%
  • Multirange torque reference transducers
  • CEUS software platform
Upon request
On request
Operation and installation
Torque tool testing and calibration
The calibration device consists of a mobile base unit with wraparound casing, which holds the mounting fixture for torque wrenches, a drive unit with a multirange torque reference transducer, an electronic measurement and control system, and the accumulator (only with caliTEST mobile 300). As an evaluation and operating system, an optional rotating and tilting industrial PC system with a touchscreen and fold-out keyboard or a notebook on an optional notebook mount is used on the caliTEST mobile 300. On the caliTEST mobile 1000, a notebook is used directly on an optional notebook mount, eliminating the need to continually shut the PC system down and start it up again at each testing station. The caliTEST mobile 1000 features a pull-out wrench support for long torque wrenches, ensuring a compact design for mobile use. The torque wrenches to be calibrated are mounted horizontally and coupled to the drive via exchangeable square adapters as specified in DIN 3121. A freely adjustable wrench support enables the torque wrench to be accommodated in a standard manner. The maximum possible wrench length varies depending on the testing equipment. The caliTEST mobile 300 calibration device can be operated via a cord to the power grid, as well as line-independently via a built-in, rechargeable battery. The caliTEST mobile 1000 calibration device is operated via a cord to the power grid.
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