Measurement and control unit for ANALYSE system / 5413-2777/XE

Measurement and control unit for ANALYSE system
  • Measurement and control unit which records analog and incremental measurands
  • Monitors measurement profiles
  • Controls drive units in conjunction with a control unit with servo regulator
On request
On request
ApplicationsBolted joints analysis
The measurement and control unit is a highly integrated, precise and modular measurement control unit used to acquire a broad range of measurands. It captures all the measurement values and handles downstream processing as well as control tasks. The measurement and control tasks are performed in real time, and the testXpert software generates graphic displays of the measurement profiles in near-real time. Once the test has begun, the measurement and control unit handles all the measurement and control tasks autonomously. The PC system with the measurement and evaluation software is used for evaluation, archiving and visualization of the test.
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