Handheld charge amplifier and insulation tester with data acquisition, 1 channel / 5811A00 Config

Handheld measuring device Type 5811A00 can be used as a service tool for testing insulation of piezoelectric measuring chains.
5811A00 Config
  • Handheld charge amplifier with measuring ranges from ±100 to ±1000000 pC
  • Frequency range from ≈0 to 20 kHz
  • Insulation test range from 1∙10E7 to 1∙10E15 Ω
  • Fully flexible low-pass and high-pass filter adjustment
Upon request
On request
Electrical properties
Output signal type
Voltage, USB
Input type
Charge dynamic, Charge quasi-static
Dynamical properties
Maximum signal frequency
20 kHz
Time constant
Short, Long
Certificates and Standards
Degree of protection EN 60529
Operation and installation
Device usage
Testing, Process monitoring
Number of channels
Analog output type
Voltage (V)
Digital output type
Dimensions and materials
Casing material
Additional properties
Data formats

The handheld device Type 5811A00 is not only a portable, battery-powered charge amplifier for quasi-static and dynamic signals, but also a powerful data acquisition system that stores the digitized measurement values directly on the device allowing to export the data to a host computer via its USB interface. The integrated insulation tester functionality makes it possible to test the insulation of piezoelectric measuring chains (sensors and cables) and to store the results on the device for documentation purposes.
The device is configured and operated via an intuitive user interface on a touchscreen display which is supplemented by side buttons to allow operation with gloves of the main controls. The graphical user interface not only provides a simple and intuitive way to configure the device but also displays various measurement values (e.g. live value, peak value, root mean square value) as well as the measurement curve in a y/t graph. An evaluation view allows to check if the measured process signal is within user defined limits. The insulation tester not only indicates the measured insulation value but also visualizes the result in a gauge graph with user defined limits for easy determination of good and bad results.
Furthermore, the handheld device can store presets of user generated measurement configurations. This not only allows to quickly change between repeatedly executed tasks, but it also ensures that these tasks are executed with identical settings, resulting in consistent data.

Data sheet
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Software application
Network Setup Wizard (V3.2.6)
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