Advanced injection molding production with Kistler sensors and systems

Monitoring and control of injection molding processes

What are the motivating forces that drive you, as an injection molder?

Your customers expect you to meet their demanding requirements for quality assurance – and at the same time, you have to ensure cost efficiency and process transparency. So as an injection molder, you are faced with major challenges every day. Numerous factors influence the quality of injection molding in series production. So: how can you achieve smooth production with zero defects – and with optimized costs?

The most efficient and reliable method of quality assurance for injection molding consists of integrating QA directly into the injection molding process. The principle: sensor technology positioned precisely in the injection mold – that is to say, exactly where quality is produced – detects deviations from the target condition and allows automated identification of bad parts as well as control of the injection molding machine. 

Our sensors, systems and software solutions help to get these challenges under control.

Thanks to ComoNeo assistance systems, you can set up your processes quickly and monitor them effectively. Integrated control algorithms guarantee constant process conditions. And, not least, algorithms based on machine learning help you to determine the optimum operating point. 

The result: defective parts are detected and zero-defect production is guaranteed. Plus: relevant key process values and evaluation results can be transmitted via OPC UA to existing data management systems for further analysis.

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