Highest Measurement Accuracy for Engine Indication on the Test Bench

Winterthur, March 17, 2015 – Kistler is expanding its portfolio of uncooled piezo­electric cylinder pressure sensors for combustion engines by adding the Type 6045B with M8 media connection. The completely revised, compact successor of the proven Type 6045A features extremely high temperature stability and low linearity deviation. This makes Type 6045B suitable for combustion analyses on the test bench, where highest accuracy is needed. With the Kistler KiBox combustion analysis system for mobile vehicle applications or a modular signal conditioning platform (SCP), Kistler facilitates the flexible transmission of measurement results to other systems in order to optimize the power, efficiency, emissions, friction, and comfort of engines.


Accurate Measurement despite Temperature Fluctuations
Accurate measurements of the cylinder pressure are critical when developing combustion engines. With the uncooled M8 cylinder pressure sensor Type 6045B, Kistler has launched a piezoelectric sensor that is especially suited to the extreme conditions surrounding an engine, due to its temperature stability. Compared to the predecessor model Type 6045A, Kistler has succeeded in significantly minimizing the sensitivity change across the temperature range. Combined with a smaller thermal shock error and a lower linearity deviation, it ensures high sensor measurement accuracy for combustion analyses. By using a particularly pressure-resistant crystal, Type 6045B can also be used for higher pressure peaks (pre-ignition).


Complete System for Engine Development
Just like its predecessor Type 6045A, Type 6045B can be direct-mounted into the cylinder head or mounted using a mounting sleeve. The signals are acquired through the KiBox combustion analysis system for mobile vehicle applications or the modular signal conditioning platform SCP for test bench applications. Thanks to a wide range of interfaces, measurement results are easily transmitted to other devices. Measurement solutions from Kistler make versatile evaluations and optimizations of combustion engines possible in terms of power, efficiency, emissions, friction, and comfort. Cylinder pressure sensor Type 6045B with its M8 x 0.75 thread is fully compatible with its predecessor model Type 6045A as well as water-cooled sensors 6041A and 6041B.


Live Demonstration at Testing Expo Stuttgart
Kistler offers a complete range of combustion analysis technology for the accurate measurement of cylinder pressure, crank angle as well as intake and exhaust gas pressure. This includes water-cooled or uncooled piezoelectric cylinder pressure sensors, measuring spark plugs, and glow plug adapters with integrated miniature pressure sensors for diverse applications. Kistler will be showcasing Type 6045B live at the Testing Expo 2015 along with its entire portfolio of combustion engine analysis devices in vehicles and on the test bench. The Testing Expo will take place in Stuttgart from June 16 through 18.

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Picture caption: The Kistler Type 6045B uncooled piezoelectric M8 cylinder pressure sensor features extremely high temperature stability and low linearity deviation.