Data analysis software for more efficient vehicle durability testing

Winterthur, May 2023 – The new edition jBEAM Durability adds important functions to the analysis software jBEAM from Kistler which is well-known for decades already – resulting in even more flexibility and efficiency for vehicle testing: users benefit from fast data analysis, clear visualization and automated reporting – reducing potential errors and saving valuable time in the process.

Vehicle durability testing requires a vast number of data. Comprehensive tests and analyses have to be performed before systems and components are approved. The jBEAM Durability software has been developed with automotive partners and was successfully tried in practice. It opens up new potential especially for data analysis and test stand preparation, thus facilitating the cooperation between different areas and decision making on different levels.

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The jBEAM Durability software from Kistler increases efficiency and transparency of processes in vehicle durability testing – and it completes the measuring chain from sensor to cloud.

Quick and transparent data analysis in test driving and at the test stand

The new edition jBEAM Durability combines all key components for an optimum evaluation of load data in vehicle testing. A high degree of interaction and speed enables quick analysis, visualization and evaluation of measurement data from the vehicle test. jBEAM Durability supports development engineers with the validation of acquired load data from the entire vehicle as well as single components – both on the road and at the test stand – up to the reporting and final approval.

The application specific modules include damage accumulation, distribution of stress, counting matrices calculation and spike detection and correction. Thanks to its modular design, jBEAM Durability can be accurately adapted to tasks in vehicle testing – delivered by an agile team responsible for custom design and refinement.

Complete measuring chain from a single source

The new software ideally complements the measuring chain for vehicle durability testing, where Kistler is setting the benchmark with its RoaDyn wheel force transducers for decades. They are applied to precisely measure vehicle loads and wheel forces both on the road and at the test stand – and now the data can be visualized, analyzed, and processed flawlessly and more efficiently. As a result, Kistler now offers the option of delivering an entire aligned measuring chain for vehicle testing from sensor to cloud.

jBEAM Durability is available from now as single-user or floating license and in the versions Starter Starter, Professional and Ultimate. The software focus lies on high performance in processing measurement data and greatest possible traceability and transparency of the process as a whole. Rely on jBEAM and efficiently solve duties in durability testing in the vehicle and at the test stand – a test version can be acquired via!

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