6-axis force-torque sensors, multi-component piezoelectric sensors (Fx, Fy, Fz, Mx, My, Mz) / 9306A

Kistler supplies piezoelectric 6-axis-force-torque-sensors for usage in Transfer Path Analysis and to optimize vehicle NVH.


These 6-axis force/torque sensors measure all forces and the corresponding moments on the three orthogonal axis. All forces and moments are captured as physical, piezoelectric signals and do not need to be calculated.
Main features / advantages
  • Complete dynamometer in single sensor
  • Very wide measuring range
  • Large frequency range
  • Main load combination above datasheet ranges
  • Low crosstalk

Pretensioned piezoelectric 6-axis force-torque sensors with two mounting flanges. Measures forces and reaction torques in both tensile and compression directions. A force or reaction torque generates a proportional electrical charge. This is transferred by an electrode to the corresponding connector. The multi-axis force-torque sensor consists of large-area quartz discs and is therefore very rigid. The resulting high natural frequency is a prerequisite for highly dynamic force and torque measurements. The two 3-pole V3 neg. connectors are provided with an antitwist lock, one connector each for force and torque signals. After it has been correctly installed the 6-axis force-torque sensor is immediately ready for use without recalibration.

The unique measurement setup of these multi-axis force/torque sensors allows for an extremely small and compact design. Therefore concise models of 3-dimensional dynamic and quasistatic processes are possible even in narrow installations.

Data sheet
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6-Axis force/torque sensor
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