Accelerometers from Kistler are designed for measuring vibration and shock in various applications.

Accelerometers from Kistler are designed for measuring vibrations, shock and motion for monitoring, control and test applications. Based on IEPE, charge output and MEMS technologies, the sensors can be applied to a wide range of applications. Accelerometers from Kistler feature a very high temperature stability and thus allow to achieve superior measurement accuracy even with large fluctuations of the ambient temperature.

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Frequently asked questions

How do accelerometers measure acceleration?
Accelerometers use the principles of inertia and force to measure changes in velocity and acceleration. This is achieved through the use of a mass attached to a spring or piezoelectric material.
How often should I calibrate my Kistler accelerometer?
It is recommended to calibrate your Kistler accelerometer annually to ensure accurate measurements. This can also be done after any significant impact or change in operating conditions.
What is the best way to mount and install my Kistler accelerometer?
For optimal performance, make sure to use a rigid and flat surface for mounting. Avoid using adhesive when possible as this can affect the accelerometer’s performance. Please refer to each sensor’s manual for detailed instructions on installation.