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15 nov. 2021
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35 min

Cutting force measurement - data acquisition and interpretation

In this webinar on data acquisition in cutting force measurement, you will learn how to optimize your measuring chain and interpret measurements properly. 

Data acquisition:

Bulent Tasdelen, Business Development Manager, will introduce to you the essentials for efficient data acquisition, to name just a few:

  • How to choose the right frequency ranges for milling, drilling, turning, grinding etc.
  • How to set up correct filters and sampling rates
  • How to measure the natural frequency of the dynamometers


Based on various examples, you will learn about the factors that can affect the force signal (tool wear, surface quality, coolants, lubricants etc.). 

Get to know how to:

  • Apply force and torque measurement methods for cutting process analysis
  • Gain control over the cutting forces and processes
  • What can be seen in cutting force measurements
  • How to calculate the correct friction coefficient during turning processes by cutting force measurements
  • What is the correlation between cutting forces and tool deflection