Far eastern perfection

Quality assurance solutions by Kistler enable a zero-defect production at TSP Precision Tooling in Shanghai, even for accuracy rates of just a few micrometers.

TSP Precision Tooling (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., founded in 1999, offers a wide-ranging portfolio that includes mold design, development and production. The company has gained the recognition and trust of an international customer base that focuses mainly on the automotive and electronics industries. The TSP engineers have been working with Kistler since 2012.

Cavity pressure sensors and process monitoring systems from Kistler perform critical functions in TSP's injection molding production operations. These solutions are employed to test the quality of the design process for molds, and they also play a key part in the production process.

TSP engineers know how to integrate cavity pressure sensors from Kistler in injections molds.

Thanks to the expertise they have acquired, the team of engineers at TSP Precision Tooling are fully able to install cavity pressure sensors from Kistler in their molds.

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