Wheel force transducer RoaDyn S660nsp / 9248A2 RoaDyn S660 nsp

RoaDyn wheel force transducers from Kistler support vehicle development in the area of vehicle durability measurement.
9248A2 RoaDyn S660 nsp
  • Test bench wheel force transducer for passenger cars, racing, SUVs, transporters and light trucks
  • For non-spinning application
  • Wheel forces measuring ranges Fx, Fz: ±60 kN, Fy: ±36 kN
  • Moments measuring ranges Mx, Mz: ±7.5 kNm, My: ±8.5 kNm
Product typeSensorLoad categoryPassenger car, SUV
ApplicationsVehicle durability testing, Tire testing
The wheel force transducer RoaDyn S660nsp measures wheel forces (up to 60 kN) and moments (up to 8.5 kNm) and is used with non-spinning wheels on test stands. It is applied for the monitoring of loads and determination of transfer functions of road simulators for durability testing.