Torque sensor in slim design, with cable, nominal value 1 Nm / T-Sensor 5413-1160/1 1N·m 1/4"

Torque sensor in slim design, with cable, nominal value 1 Nm
T-Sensor 5413-1160/1 1N·m 1/4"
  • Torque sensor with fixed connecting cable
  • Nominal value: 1 Nm
  • Autocode identification
  • Square drive: 1/4"
On request
On request
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Measuring ranges
Maximum measuring range [N·m]
1 N·m
Measuring range [N·m]
0.2 … 1 N·m
Product type
Rotating / Non-rotating
Metrological characteristics
Accuracy class strain gauge
Electrical properties
Output signal type
Voltage (Strain gage)
Dynamical properties
Maximum speed [rpm]
Select the category in which the torque to be measured falls.
5000 rpm
Certificates and Standards
Degree of protection EN 60529
Operation and installation
Sensor design
Square type

The robust rotating torque sensors Type 5413-1100/, 5413-1160/ and 5413-1151/ were designed for measuring torques and torques / angles of rotation. The torque sensor measuring shaft is equipped with strain gauges and is protected by a metal housing. An incremental disk for angle of rotation measurement is optionally available on the measuring shaft. This passes through a double-forked light barrier. The angular impulse processing stage delivers two phase-shifted signals corresponding to the direction of rotation. The robust steel or aluminum housing protects the interior of the sensor, so that measurements under production conditions are possible. The sensors are optionally equipped with fixed cables (5 m) or with connection socket. The integrated Autocode system enables the sensor to be automatically detected and calibrated when it is connected to appropriately equipped measuring systems. The torque sensor is delivered with a quality certificate. Upon request, the torque sensor can be calibrated with traceability in our DAkkS-accredited calibration lab.

Data sheet
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