Performance analysis system KiSwim for swimming / 9691A1

The KiSwim performance analysis system combines force plates for start and turns with high-speed cameras for swimming.
  • Performance analysis system with starting block and turning plate
  • 5 cameras
  • Comes with DAQ, work station, starting system and software
  • Installation and customer training included
On request
On request
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Operation and installation
Biomechanics and life sciences
Kistler Performance Analysis System for swimming provides kinetic and kinematic information about starts, turns and relay changeovers immediately. Two multi-component force plates on top of the solid start block are recording the forces for each leg separately. An instrumented grab bar measures the force exerted by the hands and arms for different types of starts. The portable turning plate is easy to install and does not require any construction work on the pool wall. Its large size and the very slim design allow measurements of starts and turns without affecting the elite swimmers movement. All components include piezoelectric sensors. Five high-speed video cameras are capturing the swimmers moves over and under water at 100 fps. They allow precise measurement of position and split times over 15 m distance at high resolution. The data acquisition system provides a frame by frame synchronization of force plate and video data. The software displays the video along with a biomechanical analysis of the kinetic and kinematic information in a way easy to understand.
Data sheet
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