Mobile measuring and evaluation unit INSPECTpro / 5413-2071/

Mobile measuring and evaluation unit INSPECTpro
  • Portable, battery-operated measuring and evaluation unit
  • Two measuring channels (optional)
  • Built-in touchscreen
  • Optional software modules for extended function
Upon request
On request
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INSPECTpro consists of a two-part housing, the display unit and the base unit. The display unit with 7.7 inch TFT colordisplay can be pivoted in increments of 10° from 0° to 100° relative to the base unit. The device is intuitively operated via the touchscreen on the display unit and the speed buttons. The easy-to-change lithium-ion battery is located beneath a cover in the base unit. Sensors and interface cables are simply connected on the rear of the device. Various sensors with passive analog, active analog and incremental measurement signals can be connected to the INSPECTpro. A range of sensors can be connected via optional adapter cables. Whether as a stationary testing system for maintenance, in a lab or during in-process testing, the INSPECTpro offers ergonomic and comfortable handling. The scope of application of the INSPECTpro with the basic license can be expanded through optional software modules. Thanks to the integrated AUTOCODE system, automatic sensor detection of appropriately equipped sensors is ensured to minimize errors in the application. Upon request, the INSPECTpro is calibrated with the desired optional sensors as a measuring chain in our calibration lab.
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