Working with the ComoNeo process monitoring system (theory and practice), Seminar realization: DE, customer / P3 ComoNeo Training (VD)

Injection molding can be improved sustainably with in-cavity pressure sensors and process monitoring from Kistler.
P3 ComoNeo Training (VD)
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The training is part of the section product trainings and provides the ability and options to use the process monitoring device ComoNeo. The lecture part of the training is supplemented by many practical exercises.

Seminar content

  • Setting up the device
  • Creation of different mold types
  • Setup of different monitoring strategies and methods
  • Setup of different control strategies and methods
  • Export of different data types (CSV / UPC-UA)
  • Connection to ComoDataCenter and AkvisIO
  • Practical exercises on the devices


  • Setup and operation ComoNeo
  • Device configuration, configuration of a moldas well as a monitoring and control strategy
  • Data export and communication to machine and external software
  • Practical exercise of what has been learned
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