Management and use of the ComoDataCenter and AkvisIO IME process data storage solution, Seminar realization: DE, external / technical center / P4 Data Storage Options (ID)

Injection molding can be improved sustainably with in-cavity pressure sensors and process monitoring from Kistler.
P4 Data Storage Options (ID)
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The training is part of the section product trainings and provides the ability and options to use the data management software ComoDataCenter / AkvisIO. The lecture part of the training is supplemented by practical exercises.

Seminar content

  • Installation of the software
  • Integration of devices (ComoNeo / ComoScout)
  • Different data types
  • Different types of data analysis (trends, curve data )
  • Filtering and search of data sets
  • Export & report options


  • Connecting ComoNeo / ComoScout devices to ComoDataCenter / AkVisio
  • Structure of the data model
  • Retrieval of historical measurement data
  • Statistical Evaluation of production lots and retrieval of abnormalities
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