Clamping force sensor, nominal value 25 kN / F-Sensor 5413-1952/25 25kN

Clamping force sensor, nominal value 25 kN
F-Sensor 5413-1952/25 25kN
  • Clamping force sensor with connection socket for measuring cables
  • Nominal value: 25 kN
  • Autocode identification
  • Adapter for thread sizes M4 to M24
On request
On request
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Measuring ranges
Minimum measuring range [kN]
10 kN
Maximum measuring range [kN]
50 kN
Product type
Preloaded sensor
Preloaded sensors are already calibrated and therefore ready-to-use. Non-preloaded sensors are smaller.
Electrical properties
Output signal type
Voltage (mV/V)
Certificates and Standards
Degree of protection EN 60529

The measuring bodies of the clamping force sensor Type 5413-1952/ are equipped with strain gauges and protected by an aluminum housing. The test items are adapted by means of mechanical adaptations in the corresponding thread sizes (optional) on the clamping force sensor, whereby mechanical adaptations via integrated centering aids ensure a centric force application of the test items in the measuring body. The bearing area required for the tests according to DIN EN ISO 16047 can be realized via optional type HH washer sledges, which are captively secured to the retaining plate by an optional holder to prevent rotation. The integrated Autocode system enables the sensor to be automatically detected and calibrated when it is connected to appropriately equipped measuring systems. The clamping force sensors are delivered with a quality certificate. Upon request, the clamping force sensors are calibrated in our calibration lab.

Data sheet
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