Cavity pressure basics (theory and practice), Seminar realization: EN, customer / P1 Cavity Pressure Training (VE)

Injection molding can be improved sustainably with in-cavity pressure sensors and process monitoring from Kistler.
P1 Cavity Pressure Training (VE)
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The training is part of the product training courses and transmits the basics of cavity pressure technology. It is supplemented by half a day where the learned content is experienced at the machine.

Seminar content:

  • Why cavity pressure measurement
  • Motivation Process monitoring
  • Process data vs. setup data
  • Cavity pressure in the injection molding process phases
  • Different materials
  • Correlation to setup data
  • Correlation to product quality data
  • Failure examples and corrective actions


  • Understanding the benefits of cavity pressure measurement
  • Teaching an application-oriented understanding of the processes in the injection mold
  • What happens in the mold during the different injection molding phases?
  • Detection of deviations and definition of counter measures
  • Setting up the process efficiently
  • Preparation for the practical implementation of what has been learned on the machine
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