Monitoring and control in injection molding

Advanced injection molding production with Kistler sensors and systems

What are the common challenges facing injection molders?

Quality, process transparency - and, of course, the dominant issue of cost control. Injection molders can overcome these challenges with the help of sensor technology, monitoring systems and software solutions from Kistler:

  • Many factors influence quality in series production – so why not record quality where it’s actually created? Sensors in the injection molding tool detect deviations from the target state, allowing automated detection of bad parts and control of the injection molding machine.
  • Expert and assistance  systems in our ComoNeo enable you to set processes up quickly and monitor them effectively. Relevant process parameters and evaluation results can be transmitted to your management systems via OPC UA  for further analysis.
  • Smooth, error-free production is the only way to ensure cost-optimized production. Faulty parts are detected and zero-defect production is guaranteed. Process conditions remain constant thanks to integrated control algorithms. And finally, algorithms based on machine learning help to determine the optimal operating point.